What To Do With Lifetime Supplies



What do people REALLY do when they win lifetime supplies of products? These people had some interesting ideas.

  • Mars Bars. I get a box every month and I deliver them to a food bank.
  • 8 EA Sports games each year for life. We took a cash option worth $24,000.
  • Apple Jack’s. The entire neighborhood ate AJ for months.

  • My teacher won a lifetime supply of Tide.He gave it away as gifts.
  • I’ve sat in a container filled with my won skittles, made giant balls of compressed skittles, and made it rain skittles style at my friends wedding.
  • Won a year’s supply of pretzels. Two years later and we’re having peppermint bark with pretzels embedded in it. Yup, same pretzels.
  • I won a year’s supply of kraft mac n cheese. All i wanted to win was a trip to Sea World.
  • Ever since I participated in a TP survey, I have received a free 4 pack of Charmin, once a month. This has gone on for over 20 years.
  • Snapple gave us a truck full of every one of their product types. We had a Snapple-only double fridge.
  • I won a lifetime supply of of ice cream. The fact is I’m lactose intolerant.

  • Tic Tac’s – it was pretty awesome, until we ran out of orange ones.
  • My wife won a lifetime pass to the circus. Almost 20 years of trips, she still get’s VIP seats every night for herself and 3 other people.
  • Roommate and I won a “lifetime” supply of butter. Stocked it up, got drunk, and tried to make a slip and slide with it.
  • I won what was supposed to be a year’s supply, of Kraft Mac-N-Cheese, over 1,000 boxes. I just gave it all to a food bank.
  • I won a year’s supply of ChickfilA. They gave us 52 free meal vouchers I worked next door and ate nuggets for lunch every. Single. Day.