Fascinating Alarm Clock and Sleep Stats

A tired sleepless woman with the pillow over her head . Isolated over white.

Do you feel awful when your alarm goes off in the morning? If so, you are far from alone.

A new study found that more than half of all people feel the same way when they hear their dreaded buzzer sound.

They also found that over 27% feel anxious when the alarm goes off, while only 11% feel energized. Another 2.32% feel excited, and only .32-less than 1 percent, feel awake. Other reported feelings, annoyed, tired, angry or resigned.  So- those of us who are crawling, instead of leaping out of bed are in the majority.

And how about that trust old snooze button? Most people hit it at least once- while 35.57% of women and 43.39% men say they never hit the snooze button, chronic snoozers- 6.31% of women and 5.65 % of men say that actually hit it… more than THREE times.

When looking at generational data, millennials are actually LEAST likely to hit snooze- 57.31% reporting they NEVER do. And they say millennials are the laziest generation? Baby boomers are most likely to hit snooze more than 3 times, 7.22% report.

The majority of those surveyed, around 62%, said they only set one alarm for the morning, while over 21% set 2, and an incredible 13% have to set 3 alarms. Only 4.46% say they do not have to use an alarm at all.

So- whether you are a snoozer or multiple alarm setter, rest assured that your habits are pretty normal.

One sign of the times show that most people, millennials and Gen-xers, at 88.39 and 70.98%, actually use their smartphones as their alarm clock. Using your phone before bed is known for contributing to insomnia, so you may want to be sure to set it long before you go to bed and resort to the hour before bed as a “no electronics” zone to increase your slumber. Or- just get a good, old fashioned, alarm clock.