Get A Better Sleep On Hot Summer Days

Hot summer nights can be awful! It’s pretty easy to bundle up and stay warm on cold winter night, but you can only get rid of so many layers during the summer. It’s almost impossible to fall asleep when you’re hot and uncomfortable, and leaving the AC on all night is a pretty good way to empty out your wallet. Thankfully, there are alternatives to cranking up your AC (and cranking out cash) to get a cool night’s sleep. Here are a few tips to maximize comfort on those hot summer nights.

Use organic cotton sheets

These types of sheet aren’t as heavy as conventional flannel sheets, and the material allows your body and skin to breathe, which in turn helps you stay cooler. These are the types of sheets you find in hotel rooms typically, comfortable, cool, and made to last. It’s a bit of a splurge, but if it helps you stay cooler and sleep better, it’s definitely worth it.

Get a portable air purifier

You’ll sleep way more comfortably when you can breathe easy. An air purifier will help reduce some of the pollution in the air from a hot, humid day.

Don’t use synthetic or down pillows

Do yourself a favor and get rid of those down pillows. When it’s warm and humid out, those pillows become the perfect nest for dust and bacteria. Use wool pillows instead with breathable filling. They don’t retain anywhere near as much dust and bacteria, and will help you stay cooler.

Get a linen duvet

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably still use a duvet despite the heat. In that case, get rid of your current devet if it isn’t made of linen. The fabric is way more breathable, and it absorbs moisture incredibly well.  


Get rid of any clutter

Clutter attracts dust, so just get rid of it. When it comes to your sleeping space, keep everything to a bare minimum. Aside from reducing dust, you’ll feel healthier, cleaner, and less cramped, which can contribute to a much better sleep.