70-Year-Old Grandma Sends Granddaughter Glamorous Photos

Lots of grandparents are pretty hip with the times. They have smart phones, take selfies and even keep in touch via Facebook.

Alexa Rowland lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and her 70-years-young grandmother Ana Lorena, lives in Costa Rica. Because the two live 3,000 miles apart, they stay in contact through text message. They mostly exchange pictures of their family, but every now and then there are some surprises.


Seriously, how cute is that? Recently this Bad Mama Jamma upped her picture game sending some pretty fab snapshots of herself casually posing around a beautiful home.“She casually sent me those photos without saying much – haha,” Alexa said. Who needs word’s when you look this good?!


Get it grandma! Alexa thought her grandma looked too good not to share with the world, so she shared the images to her twitter account. “I just thought she looked too precious not to share with my followers,” Alexa said. She thought nothing of it until the tweet about her beautiful grandma received over 26,000 retweets and 77,000 likes!

Slay gma, slay!  “My abuela doesn’t realize how popular she’s gotten!” When Alexa told her grandma that people on Twitter couldn’t get over her glam looks, Alexa said, “she couldn’t stop smiling…. She was like what? Me?” YAS gma, you! 

Alexa said that her grandma, “motivates me to look my best and has helped me through a lot…She just radiates confidence and positivity. I feel like everybody needs an abuelita like mine in their life.”

Seriously, is Ana looking for anymore grandbabies? We want to learn how to be this glam when we turn 70… hell we want to know how to be this glam now.