Never Go To Airport Bars Again!


Airports seem to be all about hurry up and wait. Hurry to the airport just to wait in line to check in, hustle through security, wait to get a pat-down, and rush to the gate… only to find out that your flight has been delayed and you are now on a 3 hour layover. You are then stuck in a crowded  concourse with uncomfortable seats and other grumpy travelers.There’s another way to make a trip to the airport less of a chore: airport lounges.

Yes, we mean those places reserved for first-class passengers, celebrities, and people who spend more time in airplanes than they do at home.

But here is the deal. Airport lounges, are, in fact, completely accessible if you’re willing to shell out a little cash. Cash that’s frequently less than you’d spend in an hour at the in-terminal Chili’s. Got a two-hour layover? At most mid-terminal watering holes, you’re not getting away with a burger, two drinks, and a tip for less than $50. For just a little more cash, you can get waved into a catered, less crowded and comfortable lounge, fit for first class passengers .

It doesn’t stop there. Knowing how to navigate lounges will change your whole outlook on flying. You will — unbelievably — look forward to going to the airport.