Home Organization Tips For Your Work Week

After cooking a large meal or getting back home from a hard day’s work, most people just want to take a warm shower and slip into bed. Any other work that still needs to be done can be taken care of in the morning right? Except our morning’s can be pretty busy too, and too often, things we should’ve taken care of are left to be done at the very last minute. Needless to say, this isn’t conducive to an organized lifestyle. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this. If you commit to organizing a few things each day of the week before you get to bed (unfailingly!), you can ensure a much more organized and efficient life.


Monday nights are for spices and the rest of your cooking pantry. After a full week of pulling out ingredients and hurriedly shoving things back into a your cabinet/drawer, all of your spices and oils are in complete disarray. If you’re like most people, at least a ⅓ of your spices are ones you’ll never even use anyway. Take some time every Monday to arrange your pantry, make a shopping lists of spices you’ve run out of, and throw out the ones you don’t use.


Take stock of all of your pots and pans. Get rid of the ones you don’t use, and arrange the others in easy to find spots.


Hopefully you run out of cleaning supplies every so often. Don’t wait till you really need that bottle of Windex to realize you’ve run out, take stock of your cleaning supplies every Wednesday night and re-up on what you’ve run out of.


After several days of cooking, your fridge probably has a decent amount of leftovers. Again, don’t wait till you’re running out of space to throw away leftovers you won’t ever eat. Rearrange and throw away whatever you don’t expect to eat later.


This can be your off day if you don’t drink, but if you do, organize the booze!