Netflix For Windows…Download Netflix Videos

We’ve all been there, caught without wifi, anything to watch, and ironically, with a fully charged laptop at the ready. It might’ve been on a particularly long flight, or even at a fun retreat without wifi. Regardless of the case, it can suck having to go for a long amount of time without any type of entertainment. Thankfully, Netflix has come to the rescue again, this time with offline viewing in Windows 10! That’s right, now you can download all your favorite shows for offline viewing using the Windows 10 Netflix app.

Of course, you’re going to need a Netflix membership to do this. You’re also going to need to download the official Netflix windows app, since you can’t do this from the web client. You’re not limited to only downloading movies, but the selection of movies and TV shows available for download is limited. To check if your movie is available to download offline, simply click the thumbnail, and open the dropdown arrow to select “Download”. For shows, you’ll see a download button for each episode. You can view your downloads by clicking the menu button and navigating to “My Downloads”. From there you can also select the pencil icon to select downloaded content that you wish to delete. After you make the selection, select the trash can icon to finish the deletion process.

So don’t stress about your next long flight or hiking trip, just make sure to incorporate mandatory Netflix download sessions into your takeoff routine!