Teen Suspended After Posting Nasty Picture Of Her High School’s Yellow Water

Hazel Juco was given an Out of School Suspension (OSS) on Tuesday, September 20th for posting a picture of brown water coming from a girls’ bathroom sink to Facebook and Twitter. The color of the water coming out of the tap is disturbing to say the least, and Hazel maintains that she posted the photo partly to highlight the issue. She explained, “I always hope that something good will happen, will somehow have someone who wants to help us with money, because our school obviously doesn’t have money.”

Hazel goes to school at John Glenn High School in Michigan, where it is against school policy to use cell phones in bathrooms. Technically, Hazel was in violation of that policy when she snapped the photo and that was the reason her school administration used for her suspension.

However, Hazel thinks that they were using the electronic policy, which had never been enforced before, to justify her suspension because they didn’t like the subject matter of her post and the light that it put her school in. Hazel and several other students pointed out that they take selfies in school bathrooms all the time and post them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So far none of them have ever been in trouble for those kind of selfie posts. Many students have reposted these photos in solidarity with Hazel while she was suspended.

Once the media and the internet got wind of Hazel’s cause, they quickly started spreading the story around, and that’s when the district superintendent got involved. Dr. Michele Harmala sided with Hazel and called her treatment, “inappropriate.” She also ensured that the OSS was removed from her school record. Dr. Harmala also dispatched a plumber to the school and made sure the maintenance staff was aware of the problem. She says that moving forward, students should report problems to the administration first so that action can be taken quickly.

Hazel is back at school and is probably very much a hero among her peers for getting the pipes cleaned up AND having the superintendent on her side. You go, Hazel!