4 Tips For Being An Efficient Cook

The best cooks usually never waste any time minute looking for something. For them, the kitchen is just an extension of themselves, and being able to quickly locate a tool that they need and keep on cooking is the most important aspect of their process. Of course, in order to reach this level of efficiency, one has to be extremely organized. Here are a few things you can do to mimic the efficiency of a good cook.

Plan your meals in advance

Planning your meals saves you tons of time that you might otherwise have spent running back and forth to the grocery store. You also end up wasting a lot less food since you’ll know exactly how much food you need and when you’ll need it. Take a half hour or so and plan out your meals for the week, it’s time well spent.

Create a work triangle

Separate your kitchen space into appropriate zones. Most people have a fridge, a stove, and a sink in their kitchen. Maybe these appliances aren’t necessarily set up in a triangle, but they don’t have to be, they just need to be easy to navigate towards. Remove any obstructions in your kitchen that get in the way of you moving between appliances.

Put your things in areas that make sense

If you store/place things in the locations that you use them most often, you’ll cut down on time spent grabbing the things you need from far away locations, which in turn increases your efficiency.

Put things back where you found them

We’ve all spent a few extra minutes looking for a spice that wasn’t in the spice cabinet, or a pot that wasn’t in the pot cabinet. This normally comes about as a result of taking something out from it’s usual spot, and then just setting it down in a random, convenient location. If you’ll take the extra couple of seconds it takes to put something back where it’s supposed to be, you’ll save yourself a lot of headache the next time you need it.