Effective Ways To Implement Bots In Your Digital Marketing

How soon do you think that robots will replace our jobs? Regardless of how you feel about this topic, it goes without saying that automation poses more of a threat to certain jobs than others. For now however, there are many ways that automation can help us do our jobs, without replacing us completely. One perfect example of this is marketing. If you don’t already do so, implementing bots into your marketing strategies is an effective, and inexpensive way to market to potential and existing customers. Here are a few ways you can use bot’s to go about doing this.   

Set up a customer service chat bot.

Hiring 24/7 customer support can be pretty costly. A chat bot provides a similar level of interactivity with your customers, while also providing an instant solution. Of course, a bot might not be able to provide as much help as a human representative, but it can be programmed to sound very human like. A bot is perfect for dealing with basic to mildly complex queries and issues.

Gather information about Your customers

What age group do most of your customers fall under? What would make them shop on your site more? These are all questions that you can ask your customers with basic chat bots. Basically, anything you’d want to ask a customer face to face can be asked with a bot. The information can than be implemented in your marketing approaches.

Have conversations with your customers.

You can create bots that interact with your clients too! A simple welcome message pop up from a bot built into your site can go along way. This encourages the viewer to interact with the site and engage with the bot. It can also be a great, unintrusive way to gather information from your customers, while also adding a layer of credibility to your site.

These are just a few ways to implement bots into your digital marketing strategy. Done properly, bots can replace valuable marketing dollars and hours spent engaging with customers, while still providing a great experience for your customers.