Freelance And See The World

Suffocating in the office? Say No More! With online freelancing, mobile tech and co-working spaces, more and more travelers are earning on the road. For these ‘digital nomads’, the office is anywhere.

Remote control

The concept of ‘bleisure’ (mixing business trips with pleasure) is an old one, but the rise of the online ‘collaborative economy’ has opened up the world of working remotely to a new generation. Initially, these ‘digital nomads’ or ‘e-workers’, were mostly creative, academic or tech professionals. Writers typing away on a beach in Thailand, graphic designers working on projects in Amsterdam or developers coding while on the fly. But more industries are catching on to the benefits of remote work.

With 34% of the US workforce now considered freelance, numbers could rise to 40% by 2020. The economic crisis, mobile and cloud technology, and social networks have created a ‘perfect storm’ for the freelance age.

Great gig in the sky

Just 10 years ago, if someone wanted to be a freelancer they needed contacts. Today, using sites like Upwork, Fiverr or any other marketplace, sellers can connect directly with buyers all over the world.

While the upsides are clear – you get to see the world without going bankrupt – there are some potential downsides: instability, cash-flow problems and ‘zero-hours’ contracts. An often-overlooked aspect is not being able to fully appreciate a place if you’re too engrossed in your inbox. So it’s important to manage your time and allow yourself moments to stop and explore.

The space race

Virtually anyplace can be a workplace, whether it’s a hotel lobby, a cafe or even a park bench. But a very clear sign of this new way of working can be seen in the rise of coworking spaces. These cater for those who enjoy the comforts of an office and shared office spaces give freelancers the chance to discuss ideas with like-minded people.

So, whether you crave an office setting in a foreign city, or a lounge chair on the beach- freelancing can give you the job you want anywhere your mind can take you.