Go FB Live With Your Business!

Facebook Live is an incredible tool that allows users to connect to their friends instantaneously and ephemerally, but it can be hard to think of an adequate use for it in terms of your business. However, not only is Facebook Live workable with your business model, but it’ll allow you to build personal relationships with your followers and boost your sales by responding to them directly.

For example, you could gather all the comments and questions that people have left you recently and address them live on a particular day once a week. This way people know to tune in ahead of time and if they ask a question beforehand, they’ll get the added bonus of hearing you mention them live.

You can also use it to go behind the scenes at your business and introduce people to your employees and practices. This makes you seem open and super inviting, qualities that people love to support. The more “real” you seem, the more people will want to support you, because you seem more like a friend and less like a salesperson.

Finally, you can of course use Facebook live to sell things, as long as you do it in a way that seems fun and enjoyable. Use it to promote an upcoming event, so that the people tuning in get first knowledge of when it is, or tease new products and provide a first look at them in depth. Give people real tangible reasons to watch your videos and you’re page will take off!