DIY: Cellulite Scrub Recipe

For women all over the world, cellulite is largely considered a “bad word.” While cellulite is largely genetic, most forms are caused by a combination of poor circulation, fat pockets, and female hormones. But here’s the thing: Skinny folk can be prone to the condition, too. So, just because your limbs are long and lean doesn’t mean that this is a post to skip. In fact, it can happen to you.

Diet, exercise and hydration are all essential, but treating the affected area consistently and vigorously is really your best bet. You must commit to 6 weeks of 2-3 treatments a week.

While there is no topical cure for cellulite, scrubs and creams with effective ingredients will help to diminish its appearance. Caffeine is considered the best ingredient for anti-cellulite.  So, this scrub is essentially coffee grounds. It’s easy to make, simple to apply, and affordable – especially compared to those costly medical-grade creams and treatments.

This scrub has the ability to immediately diminish the appearance of cellulite. And, it leaves skin soft and hydrated! While skin will look gorgeous, your tub or shower won’t, but a quick rinse and wipe down will clean the basin.

The Recipe:

Coffee Grinds (Caffeinated)

Juniper Oil

Coconut Oil

Benefits Of The Ingredients:

Fresh Coffee Grinds (Caffeinated) – Caffeine can immediately diminish the appearance of cellulite by stimulating blood flow, toning and tightening the area; Rich in antioxidants (which aid in releasing toxins)

Juniper Oil – A berry that increases circulation and energizes the under active tissues.

Coconut Oil – Hydrates, smoothes and helps your skin absorb the caffeine and juniper.


Combine 2 TBSP of coconut oil and 20-30 drops of essential juniper oil in a bowl. Mix in about 1/2 cup of fresh caffeinated coffee grounds until the grounds are completely soaked with the oils. You’ll want this scrub to be ground-heavy, so if it’s feeling too watery, add more grounds. There are no exact measurements so feel free to play around, but these are good jumping off points.

Take into the bathroom (I highly suggest doing this in the bath or tub, prior to turning on the water) and firmly rub into affected areas using circular scrubbing motions.

Continue for at least 5 minutes. Then rinse and pat dry. Feel free to apply pure coconut oil to moisturize and soothe the skin (and massage that in too, ladies!).

Note: Apply to affected areas 2-3 times a week. For quicker results, wrap the scrubbed area (concoction still on) with Saran Wrap to essentially heat the skin. Relax for 15 minutes then remove the wrap and shower.

I suggest making a new batch daily as the caffeine is said to be most effective when coffee grounds are fresh.


Yes, potent ingredients are vital, but scrubbing and massaging the area is just as – if not more – important. The point is to improve circulation and nothing breaks up those fatty areas and releases the trapped toxins that leave your skin unfortunately dimpled like a good rub down.

On days that you aren’t rub-a-dub-scrubbing, try a Dry Brush. Combine coconut oil with a few drops of juniper oil and massage over the dimpled regions in quick, circular motions.

Results will be best – and longest lasting – if you alternate between the two treatments every day for several minutes.