Keeping Your Lunch Container Clean

It’s easy to forget to give your lunch box a thorough wash every once in awhile, after all, you probably use it less often than a purse or backpack, and you probably don’t wash those everyday. However, when you consider the fact that your lunch box holds the food that you ingest everyday, your reasoning for not washing it more often starts not adding up. No one wants their food to come in contact with tons of bacteria, but the moisture filled environment of a lunchbox is the perfect place for bacteria to fester. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make sure that your lunchbox stays relatively clean.

Always use non-leaky containers

You don’t have to throw away your older containers that have a few cracked lids or broken seals, just refrain from using them to pack your lunch. Leaky containers can allow their contains to easily spill out into your lunchbox. Moreover if anything in your lunchbox spills, a cracked container isn’t going to do much to protect your food.

Wash your containers ASAP

Maybe you aren’t in a location where you can wash your lunch containers/utensils right away, but as soon as you are, wash them. The longer you leave your food in there to fester, the more likely it is to attract germs and bacteria.

Remove everything from your lunchbox when you get home

Throw away any trash, remove any containers, and make sure the interior of the lunch box is free of crumbs and debris

Wash your lunch box daily

Give your lunch box a good wash with some soap and water. If it’s more convenient, you can give it a thorough wipe down with a wet paper towel. Once your done, be sure to allow the lunch box to air dry until you need to use it again. This will prevent any moisture from getting trapped in your lunch box and attracting bacteria.