Victoria’s Secret Decides To Go Against The Trend

Victoria’s Secret, easily the most recognizable women’s lingerie brand, is facing declining shares. This comes in the midst of an overall growth trend in the lingerie market, of which Victoria’s Secret owns roughly 27% market share. The problem? E-Commerce.

With more styles and cheaper prices online, many people elect to do their lingerie shopping from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, younger women are going with bralettes over bras, bras being Victoria’s Secret claim to lingerie dominance. With that being said, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t seem very worried about their declining share, and isn’t jumping on to the bralette train as quickly as other lingerie companies.  As the CEO of the company. Jan Singer, states, “..we make constructed bras best and anyone can make bralettes. We get paid for construction.” Indeed, bralettes are much cheaper than bra’s ($25 as opposed to $50 for bras at Victoria’s Secret), but Singer believes that the quality of their product is worth the premium.

Victoria’s Secret’s sales strategy is pretty straightforward. Rather than jumping on the hype train, they’ve elected to focus on their core competency, bras. Furthermore many consumers want to get their lingerie fitted before they buy it, something you simply can’t do online. This, coupled with focusing on their core products, means that Victoria’s Secret can differentiate itself from its online and retail competition. Hopefully, this move plays out well for the company in the long run.