Woman Captured In Iconic Elvis Photo Speaks Out 60 Years Later

Rewind sixty years ago. Did people in the 1950s think that Elvis Presley, with his crazy rock’n’roll ways, would stand the test of time? When Elvis first came on the music scene, he had already taken the world by storm with his first single, “Heartbreak Hotel.” He skyrocketed to fame by popularizing the rockabilly musical style, appealed to youthful masses, and soon to the whole world.

Today, Elvis is still called “The King,” and his image and music still perpetuates in the U.S. and across the world. Images of Elvis shaking his hips in white polyester jumpsuits are iconic, but even more iconic is this image of him touching tongues with a young woman who has remained unidentified… until now!

Sixty years later, Barbra Grey is telling her story behind this famous photo. At the age of 20, she called up the hotel that the then 21-year-old Elvis was staying at on a dare by her friends.

When she unexpectedly got ahold of him, they chatted for an hour and a half before he convinced her to come meet up with him. She spent the day with him and a photographer hired by the record company. According to Grey, he tried to convince her to give him a kiss, but when she just stuck her tongue out at him instead, and history was captured.