Man Reveals His Secrets For Success After 15 Years In Competitive Eating

Have you ever finished up a large meal and just immediately regretted it? You want to unbutton your pants, but realize you already have? Does the term “meat sweats” ring all too true for you? Have you ever eaten almost 6 pounds of buffet food in under 12 minutes?

Crazy Legs Conti has had the meat sweats (and probably any other kind of food-related sweats you can think of) for over 15 years. He’s a major league competitive eater and somehow seems to have taken all the joy out of eating for himself by shoveling food down his mouth, all in the hopes of glory and prize money. Conti explains, “I cannot think of a single food that has not gone competitively into my stomach.”

According to Conti, competitive eating is as “real” a sport as all other sports people seem to enjoy spectating. He swears that pretty much anyone can do it, but it’s all about mental preparation and strategy. “It’s like running a marathon and a 100-yard dash at the same time, except your feet are standing still but your stomach is running at 100mph,” says Conti

After 15 years of competitive eating, Conti says that during his competitions, the tastes of the foods he’s jamming down his throat is lost in him (is that a good thing or a bad thing when you’re eating over 20 dozen oysters in 10 minutes).

According to Conti’s website, he’s earned the nickname “Houdini of Cusini” by eating his way out of an 8-foot box of popcorn (as if the legal name Crazy Legs wasn’t crazy enough).