The Best Post On Any Platform

Running a social media account when you have something to promote can drive you crazy. How do you get people to like your accounts and follow you without boring them with your brand-promotion? How much is too much when you’re trying to sell something? It might seem like an unsolvable mystery of the modern age, but there actually is a science to it. It turns out that your content should be 90% things / people that interest you, and 10% brand promotion. This way people get a sense for who you are, which makes them like your product more.

But what exactly constitutes the “best post” practices on any social media platform? It all comes down to specialization. For example, on Pinterest, always have vertical images (instead of horizontal or landscape) – you’ll claim more real estate that way. And keep your descriptions to 200 words or less. Also, it’s better to create lots of boards with specialized themes than to have a few vague themes with hundreds of pins.

For Twitter, you want to limit the character count even more; it’s best to be around 120-130, so you can report with an edit if need be. Also, don’t tweet in a frenzy – use a pacer like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets so you constantly pop up. It’s a good idea to use action words in your tweets as well, so they’re easily searchable.

Finally, for Facebook, be yourself. This OG social media platform is meant for more personal interaction with you, so have a little fun with it! Make sure you post a ton so you are constantly in people’s feeds, and vary it up in terms of content. Facebook supports images, videos, and text posts equally well, so mix it up and share away – your traffic will increase immediately!