Get Your Business LinkedIn

Business owners know the benefit of having a strong social media presence, but all too often they limit that presence to more social sites, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They overlook the newcomer, LinkedIn, because it seems like a site for job seekers, not job creators. However, LinkedIn can be a vital internet presence for your business, as well as an apt place to find new employees.

Because it doesn’t function the same as those classic social media sites, curating a LinkedIn page for a business can be a little different. For example, you definitely need both an active personal profile page and a business profile page, and they should be cared for differently. Both are opportunities to pitch your company, but your personal page should advertise you as a coworker as well. Be personable, add a photo (doesn’t have to look like a headshot), and summarize your journey, not just your successes.

Once you’re satisfied with your profiles, focus on building your network of businesses you’ve worked with and connections you’ve made over the years. People are much more likely to find your LinkedIn presence useful and appealing if they can see you’re part of a network of businesses, and it helps if they’ve worked with some of those other companies before. Just like the old-fashioned practice of referrals, LinkedIn allows you to vouch for and be vouched for, which is gold in the eyes of consumers and employees.

For an added boost, you can publish content from your LinkedIn personal page, and as long as it’s serious, business-minded content, it will help boost your legitimacy on the site and online. So what are you waiting for?