Robin Williams’ Daughter, Zelda, Opens Up About Her Dad 2 Years After His Death

When the news of Robin Williams’ death spread, the world was in shock. Williams was loved and cherished by so many people. His body of work was astounding, ranging from knee-slapping comedies, to feel-good motivating films, to silly kid flicks, and even to scary-creepy thrillers. He was an amazing talent, and when he took his own life, he left the whole world in mourning.

Though we as fans may have felt sad and sympathetic to Williams, our collective pain could never have likely measured to the pain his direct family was feeling. Williams left behind a wife and three children. Losing a loved one is never easy, and losing someone in such a tragic manner doesn’t make things any easier.

Two years later, his daughter, Zelda Williams, is forging ahead and is living out that spirit in her own life. The 27-year-old has an active career in Hollywood and has been acting since she was 5. Moving forward from her father’s death was difficult, but she’s been able to find a silver lining.

In this interview clip with Chelsea Handler, Williams talks about how she was able to move forward from such a difficult time. The biggest challenge, according to Williams, was learning to, “not sit with yourself too long,” as people wanted to make sure she was coping ok.

“No one would let me do anything,” says Williams in the interview. She, however, didn’t let herself not do anything and used the experience to slam out twelve scripts. She is currently starring in two silver screen features and continues her writing career.

She is continuing to turn her pain into a life where she wakes up and loves every day for the day that it is.