Exercise While Waiting For Water To Boil

A watched pot never boils… so don’t watch! Use that time to do some kitchen sink squats.

Kitchen Sink Squats

The squat is a favorite among many fitness pros. The squat helps us remember that our bodies are meant to move through the full range of motion.

We all start out knowing how to squat. And the move is actually good for the body, especially for anyone with strength or weight loss goals.

Squats engage your legs, back, and core — all at the same time! intentionally performing squats helps you connect with a movement you’re probably already doing 50 times a day (sitting down!)

So, get that pot of water on the stove, then head to your sink. Face the counter and rest your hands lightly on the sink.

How to Do a Kitchen Sink Squat

Now, squat. But there are some key things to keep in mind.

  1. Remember to breathe. If you forget, that’ll essentially send a panic signal to your brain.
  2. Keep your knees aligned over your ankles, and don’t let them them drift out in front
  3. Lift your head. Gazing forward.
  4. Maintain the curve in your lower back — don’t let your tailbone tuck under.
  5. Go as deep as you can comfortably and safely.
  6. Without getting bouncy with it, once you’ve reached a comfortable depth, rise smoothly and repeat a few times.

Once you’re comfortable with the move, this is something you can do with a bit of speed if you like, adding a cardio element. For extra heart-rate credit, alternate squat reps with jumping jacks or high-knee marching. Or you can keep it slow and controlled, focusing on balance and strength.

Work your way up to a few reps of several sets each — but don’t forget that pot and let it boil over while you’re at the sink banging out your squats!