Is Your Roommate Using Your Computer?

Sometimes, roommates are a necessary part of life. And when they’re great, it can be a blast, but when they’re terrible and invasive, your home life can become a suspicious uncomfortable nightmare. One of the worst examples of roommates overstepping their bounds is when they use your computer without asking. It’s almost undetectable if they know what they’re doing, but it’s a violation that really irritates, especially because if you can’t catch them in the act, you almost can’t be sure they’re doing it. Don’t worry, we said “almost.”

If you suspect someone is using your computer, chances are you already have a password on it. However, we recommend you change it instantly, and make it harder to guess. That PSA aside, the easiest thing to check on your computer is your browsing history. A savvy user would delete it, but just how savvy is your cave-dweller of a roommate? And, if she does know to delete the history, did she delete yours as well? Similarly, you can check the logs from your computer to see if anyone was fussing on it while you were away. It gives less information than browsing history but looks at more than the internet.

If you think your roommate could defeat these conventional detections, consider getting spy software that allows you to track the GPS location of your computer, be notified when it boots up, lock it remotely, and even send warnings to the screen! Or you could go old school and get a nanny cam, which would allow you to catch them in the act! We’re not sure how friendly the vibe in the house would be after you showed them the damning footage, but lets face it: you have to protect your stuff, right?