5 Tips To Get To Bed Early

If you’re looking to get into that early-to-bed mentality and make your sleep schedule work better for you, try making some changes at home and to your daily routine. These tips can help.

Get Up Early

Putting off going to the gym, cleaning and running errands until you leave the office means that you might not have enough time to wind down and relax, making getting to sleep early feel totally impossible. Getting up early—and using the time you have before going to work—to do things can be a huge help in hitting your target bedtime. For one, waking up earlier will make you tired earlier, and then when you get home you can just relax.

Cook Meals in Advance

Another way to ensure your post-work nights are as relaxing as possible? Cook lunch and dinner ahead of time so you don’t have to take time out of each day to do so.

Record Your Favorite Shows

Record any shows that are on too late for your new sleep schedule, then watch them the next day during your post-work relaxation time, or in the morning. If you can’t record them, most major channels allow you to watch them online, and you can likely catch them on your cable provider’s On Demand menu.

Screen-Free Bedroom

Looking at screens (your phone, your computer, the TV, etc.) right before bed isn’t great your quality of sleep. On top of that, having your phone and other tech right next to you or having the TV on while you’re in bed can serve as a major distraction, keeping you from falling asleep sooner.

Don’t Caffeinate Too Late

If you’re a late afternoon coffee drinker, you probably know the challenge that is trying to fall asleep when you’re still wired on caffeine from mere hours before. Not only does caffeine make you feel less tired—and thus, make it harder to fall asleep—it also disrupts your quality of sleep. Drinking caffeine even 6 hours before bedtime can have a negative effect on your sleep quantity and quality.