Clever Man Landed 10 Job Interviews By Delivering His Resume In A Box Of Donuts

It’s no secret that trying to find a job in a professional setting can be tough. Though the economy may be on it’s way back up, more and more talented people enter the job market every day. It’s hard to prove to people that you’re the special snowflake that deserves to land the open position at their company.

One man who recently moved to San Francisco decided that rolling the dice and simply hoping his resume would somehow get noticed among the throngs of emails companies receive wasn’t good enough, so he took his destiny into his own hands. Many people suggest that you hand-deliver a resume to a company you are interested in , but Lukas Yla decided to take even that a step further.

Donning a shirt that read Postmates, a courier service that delivers food and other goodies, Yla swanned into prospective companies and delivered a box of donuts. When recipients opened those boxes of donuts, they were greeted with a note from Yla taped to the top and his resume behind it.

Yla, a self-proclaimed “marketing guy with 5 years of experience,” not only grabbed the attention of the companies he was visiting, but also proved that he can think of a pretty impressive marketing ploy in the form of delicious donuts from San Francisco’s Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

It’s a pretty win-win situation: employers receive tasty pastries and Yla ensures that his resume gets a thorough look-over. As a result, Yla has landed 10 interviews so far with this tactic, but no word on if he’s found his new work-home just yet.

If Yla were to bring donuts in all the time, that might be another compelling reason to hire this grassroots marketing mogul.