How To Make Unhappy Customers Happy

When a customer isn’t happy, use these tried-and-tested strategies to turn things around.

Respond fast and immerse customers in your products.

Respond quickly because speed is more essential than the solution.

Know when to move on.

Most customers can be made happy if they’re listened to and you quickly rectify their problem. But some will drive you absolutely crazy trying to make them happy because they are unhappy to begin with. You’re much better off just moving on and finding a new customer to replace them.

Actually listen to your customer.

Many times customers are unhappy because no one actually listens to their complaints. Always make efforts to resolve disputes by picking up the phone and calling them personally.

Take full responsibility for mistakes.

The first thing is to take full responsibility. Then inject some lighthearted humor to ease the tension. Be sure to personally communicate with the clients .

Immediately engage with the customer.

Gauge customer feedback throughout the buying process. If negative, immediately engage them to see if it was a people or product problem. The faster we can engage with the customer, the happier they are.

Connect human to human.

Connect on an emotional level, remind them you’re only human and are trying everything possible to make them happy. Stay transparent and communicate what you and your team are doing to fix the problem.

Use the power of sorry.

Sorry is a powerful word because you’re acknowledging the customer’s frustration and inconvenience. Say, “We’re going to take care of this for you,” or “We’ll look after you.”

Empathy is a powerful tool.

If a customer is unhappy, try empathizing. Go as far as to mirror their frustration. This immediately makes them feel like they have someone on their side.

Deflect, defuse and deliver.

When we deflect, we express compassion for the customer and immediately remove their concerns by letting them know that we will solve them.

Create a raving fan culture.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.