Invest In A Greener Earth

One of the largest limiting factors preventing more investors from giving their attention and money to green projects and initiatives is the perceived extra risk and cost. A person can be all for saving the planet, but when it comes time for them to head a company and make decisions as a CEO, sometimes personal interests fall by the wayside.

That’s why Barbara Buchner helped found The Lab, a group aimed at making it easier for investors who want to support green investments to do so with less anxiety on their part about the new technology or it’s pricetag. We have huge climate goals as a species and as a nation, Buchner knows, and we’re nowhere near getting the amount of investment it would take to meet those goals. She opines, “If you just look at the energy sector, we need about a trillion a year.”

Her goal is to bring on new investors by educating them about what investment possibilities are out there and minimizing the risk by introducing them to other investors who are interested in supporting the same kinds of projects. So far these include “climate smart” cattle ranches in Brazil, cleantech development, and partnering land conservation / restoration efforts with hydropower operators.

Government spending in support of these types of projects has brought about a lot of change, Buchner admits, but it can’t be enough to completely effect change. “It’s the backbone, it’s the engine behind overall climate finance, but the private sector [investors] really are the ones that make the difference.”