Successful Packing Tips

When living out of a suitcase, there are those who pack everything but the kitchen sink, and then struggle with horribly cumbersome bags.Then there are those who try to pack light and end up with a very limited wardrobe. There is a happy medium if you follow these tips.

Think about the weather.

Take into account the weather—and not just casually looking at the forecast and packing accordingly. Really think about how it’s going to feel being wrongly dressed in that kind of forecast. Make sure you zero in on the weather of your trip and choose materials that will make it easy for you to survive in.

Chase a feeling, not a look.

On a basic level, what makes you feel beautiful? Do you get a little swagger when you wear a jumpsuit? Do you feel lovely in flowy tops, or like your personality is personified while clashing patterns? What specific item coaxes out that secret smile when you do the last check in the mirror before heading out the door? Pack only that the next time you grab your passport.

Don’t bring anything that can’t be mixed and matched.

Are you tempted to bring a top that only goes with one pair of pants? How about a pair of sandals that only work with two dresses in your suitcase? Don’t do it. It might seem like a good idea and like you don’t mind lugging that dead weight around from dusty buses and down long roads, but you will. If you can’t make at least three outfits with the piece, then forget it.

Only pack things you don’t mind getting ruined.

If you’re going somewhere only for a week and you can dry clean afterwards, cool, go to town. But if you’re going somewhere you’ll probably have to do your own laundry, then save yourself the heartache and don’t pack anything that would make you sad if it got ruined.

Remember that the weather takes no prisoners, clothes are meant to get frayed, things have to mix and match, and it is better to feel beautiful than fashionable.