Surfer Teen Calmly Swims To Safety After Gnarly Shark Battle

It seems like everything in Australia is out to kill you. If the crazy hot weather and dryness don’t get you, then perhaps one of the 100+ species of dangerous animals will. Maybe this is why Aussies always seem so laid back and relaxed. They conquer death every day just by walking outside and not dying!

Certainly that seems the case for recent 17-year-old shark attack survivor, Cooper Allen. While out for an early morning surf session, the teenager was attacked and bitten by an 11.4 foot Great White off the coast of Lighthouse Beach in Ballina, Australia. Far from panicking, he calmly swam to shore by himself where he was helped by a nurse before being taken to Lismore Base Hospital. 

The photos of the shark are shocking! It’s huge, and the bite it gave Allen is even worse. Luckily, he posted a pretty gnarly photo of it to his Twitter, and you can see the four evenly spaced holes in his thigh where apparently the sharks four huge teeth sunk in.

Although gruesome, Allen has bounced back in true Aussie fashion by casually chatting with friends at the hospital and posing for ginning pics in his hospital bed. Because the bite missed his artery, he probably won’t require surgery.

Shark bites in this part of Australia are so common that up until last month the town was considering building a shark barrier, but high, rough seas put an end to that idea. However, they do use the tags on some sharks to track their movements and alert beach-goers whenever one of those is in the area.

Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird said Monday, “We can’t guarantee, clearly, at any beach, that people will be safe. But, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that we do that.”