What Are The Rates For House Sitting?

As a starting point to keep in mind, typical house sitting rates are in the $25-30/day range, more  for overnight stays. Here’s  list of factors to consider when determining the right payment for your house sitter. And if you are the house sitter, these factors can also help you determine how much to charge.


Do some online research, ask in a local online forum or chat up friends and neighbors in your area to get a good estimate of the local going rate.


Stopping by in the evening to turn on lights and bring in mail and feed the pets? Or every other day to water the plants? Do you want them to dust and vacuum while they’re there? Every responsibility requested is grounds for a higher rate.


Jobs that require the sitter to stay overnight are best charged by a daily rate, while smaller tasks, like once-daily visits, can be billed hourly.

Size of the residence

Large homes require a lot more effort than, a studio apartment. Therefore, the amount you’ll pay for house sitting should vary depending on the size and type of space.

Commuting costs

It’s necessary to consider the distance of the commute to your home. Calculate gas and tolls, public transportation fees, and any other factors that might affect their travels. If you’re a house sitter determining what to charge, this could definitely come into play on your profits.


House sitting rates should also include provisions for any day-to-day house-related needs. If you think there’s a chance your sitter will need to make a grocery run, make sure you’re prepared to cover those costs in your pay rate. Or better yet, offer up a decent per diem (for food and other essentials) as part of your payment so you never have to worry about reimbursing.

Amenities provided

Lastly, before you tally up your final number, take into account what amenities you’ll be providing for your sitter—i.e. a fully-stocked fridge, free Wi-Fi, beer, swimming pool access—to get an idea of what you’re already paying for.