Bulk Savings On An Apartment Budget

There are such great benefits to shopping in bulk. For one, you rarely run out of something, and it cuts the amount of trips you have to make for non-perishables in half (or more)! And when you buy several of something all together, you usually get a substantial discount, making the prices unbeatable for a normal grocery store or online shopping trip.

However, it’s the rare person these days who can afford to stock all that extra bulk product. The toilet paper at Costco might be way cheaper per roll if you buy a small wagon sized amount, but where on earth are you going to put that in your two bedroom apartment? Well, it turns out you no longer need a pantry the size of your living room to rack up great savings, thanks to some savvy shopping and modern technology.

If you’re an Amazon shopper (and let’s face it, who isn’t at this point), chances are that all your favorite brands of non-perishables (things like hand soap, toilet paper, foil, etc…) are on Amazon, though for slightly higher prices than even the normal stores carry. This is where the technology comes in.

Sites like CamelCamelCamel are amazing because they track the products you love on Amazon and alert you via email when the price drops. And they do fall, often lower per product that what bulk stores like Costco offer! Set your price alerts, wait for your inbox to tell you when to buy, and enjoy all those extra savings!