Do’s And Don’ts Of Business Naming

Your business name is a particular area in which to take care, because it’s such an integral part of your company’s identity. For many customers, it will be the first thing they see.

So how can you pick the best name for your business? Here are some quick DO’s and DON’T’s to remember.

DO- pick a name that is simple and short.

DON’T include place names unless your business will always be location specific.

DO find the story behind your name. A story gives your brand character so you stand out from the crowd.

DON’T pick a  name that gives the wrong first impression. Make sure it conveys your values and not just your purpose.

DO try saying your business name out loud. If it is difficult or long to pronounce it will become a burden

DON’T get obsessed with SEO keywords.

DO Consider the meaning of your chosen name in other languages.

DON’T use your own first or last name as part of the business name if the venture is very risky.

DO Test it on other people. It is important to make sure your great name idea sounds just as good to potential customers.

DON’T rule out abstract names. They focus on a feeling of what the business is about rather than specifics.

DO see how your company looks alongside other business names from the same industry.

DON’T choose a name you don’t like. Even if everything seems right about it, trust your gut.

Once you have a name in mind- make sure that it is available.

  1. Make sure no one else owns it.
  2. Make sure the URL is available.
  3. Make sure the social media handles are available.

Choosing a name for your company can be a lot of fun. By sticking to a few simple rules, you can choose the best option for your business.