Dos and Don’ts For Your Company Name


Starting a new business is an exciting and creative time in your life, but it can be fraught with a lot of dangers too. One of these is choosing the wrong name for your business, because once you’re settled on it, changing it can be a huge hassle. Before you pick a name for your new venture, consider the following pitfalls and how to avoid them!

For example, unless you’re absolutely, 100% sure that your business will not expand or move, don’t include a geographic title in it. If you ever do move, it won’t make sense! Also, keep the name short and easy to pronounce. Studies actually show that companies with shorter names do better in the stock market!

Also, consider the meaning of your name in other languages. A prime example is the word “gift” which is positive in english but translates to the word “poison” in German! You can avoid this by using abstract names if you’d like. For example, “Google” is a variation of “googol,” which is a mathematical term. Google wasn’t a real word before the company took off, but now everyone knows what it is!

Finally, get as many people to consider your company name before you solidify it. Say it aloud, have other people say it, try using it in everyday conversation. Make sure it flows well, and above all else, make sure you’re happy with it. Even if everyone else loves it, if you have a bad feeling about a particular name, trust your instincts. It’s your company after all, and doesn’t that little phrase sound so wonderful?