The Home Furniture Of The Future

When we think of a futuristic home, we think of the Jetsons: some 1960s idea of what a space age house would be. But we’re fast approaching that level of “future” and none of our houses look like theirs. Instead of shiny chrome and lots of flashing buttons and gadgets, we’ve all slowly realized that we can have our tech and still live in comfortable, cushy homes with furniture that looks more 1960 than 2020.

For example, Samsung has a new television coming out that knows when you’re in the room, and will turn off when you leave. Better than that, however, it’s “sleep mode” makes it look like a large piece of framed art, meaning that when you don’t want to use it, the room looks like it doesn’t even have a TV.

Or what about wireless charging stations? Last year, Ikea brought these from a cool-but-unreachable status to our living rooms with their Home Smart collection. Their tables, lamps, and other furniture have built-in wireless charging stations that are virtually unidentifyable unless you know they’re there!

However, probably the coolest aspect of futuristic tech in our homes is the very real possibility of designing our own unique pieces that are entirely customizable, and yet affordable. Using tools like the app Tylko, you can design 3D pieces in virtual space and see how they would fit with your current furniture, making real time adjustments when needed! That’s the kind of luxury we’re happy to see in this future!