Stop Trying To Be Superwoman

Let’s be honest. We all know her. The high powered mom who sends her perfectly spotless children to school with a homemade lunch full of pinterest creations, before delivering her hand knitted hats to the homeless and qualifying for her 10th marathon. Yes, she is perfect…

Do you want to know the truth? That lady hiding behind the gluten free snacks is just as much a hot mess as the rest of the moms sliding into the pull-up lane, kids full of store bought goodies and sporting unbrushed hair.

The secret? As they pull into the drop off and let their sparkling angels out of their newly polished SUV, they are reveling in the fact that Monday, is in fact, their Saturday. That’s right! The day when they leave their kiddos for someone else to manage while they head into the office to rest and recharge, collapsing at their desk with a cup of coffee and a sigh. For, you see, while they always look perfect heading for their corporate jobs Monday through Friday, they are just as stressed as the rest of the Moms on the weekends, when someone is constantly tugging on their sleeves or catching their sister’s hair on fire, and they don’t have time to shower because there is cleaning and laundry and soccer games.

The dangers of holding yourself to that impossible standard is that it is easy to find things that simply don’t measure up. Make more money, teach your children Chinese on the way to the Elite private school…there will always be someone better, a better way, something we forget. So, moms walk around with guilt at not being superwoman all the time. So- STOP. Let the kids eat cupcakes once in a blue moon. Let Suzie’s mom have a turn as team mom. OR better yet, sleep in on the weekends and just focus on spending time with your kids. Time is better than all of the Tofu brownies in the world. So, drop your cape and enjoy the simple pleasures in your imperfect, capeless, life.