A Look Inside Fiskars Village, Finlands Very Own Art Haven

Imagine a town made for artist, by artists. If you can’t, it’s still pretty easy to see just how great a town made for a certain demographic, by that demographic, would turn out to be a huge success. That’s what Ingmar Lindberg, an executive at Fiskars, thought when he proposed the idea of a haven for artists. His plan was simple, create a town with affordable housing, and the artists will come.

And come they did. Today, over 600 people live in Fiskars Village. At its inception, the small Finnish town was dying, a sad remnant of the dying ironwork industry. However where others say a dying town, Lindberg saw opportunity. Artists that moved in attracted other artists, and the low cost of living allowed creativity to flourish uninhibited.  

Such a quality community was only able to exists with careful vetting. In order to move to the village, you have to apply. Based on the type of work you do for a living, you can then gain entry into the community and live there. Naturally, space in Fiskars Village is a lot more coveted than it used to be, resulting in slightly higher prices than you’d initially have found.

The towns beautiful, rustic appeal is a huge tourist attraction. With sprawling, surrounding woodlands and villas, the village scenery seem straight out of an old fairy tail. There are also no shortage of gourmet cafes and breweries to indulge in.

So why does Fiskar, a company known for it’s bladed tools and appliances, continue to invest in this village? Well, aside from the fact that it brings in good revenue, the community they’ve curated is priceless. From the start, the village was created with the purest intentions, to cultivate an environment for artists and designers to thrive. In achieving this result, the village also managed to become a great investment for the company.