Work From Home Like A Boss

Telecommuting is one of the glorious benefits of technology, but with it comes a whole host of problems. Don’t get us wrong, we love working from home, but if you don’t have the right set up, it can be really hard to stay focused and go from home mode to work mode – and vise versa. To ease the transition, follow the following steps:

Have a defined workspace. You don’t have to have an entire room designated as a home office (though if you’re able to, it’s amazing). You should, however, have a clean and uncluttered surface to work on all the time. No typing on the bed or on the couch, make sure you sit at a real solid surface, even if it’s just your kitchen table. Consider a wall desk, however; many can fold down to nothing when you’re not using them!

Don’t wear your pajamas when you’re working from home. We know this seems like one of the greatest perks of telecommuting, but it doesn’t help to wear sleepwear while you’re on the job, even if no one can see you. Wearing an actual outfit makes you feel more alert and awake, and, believe it or not, it will actually keep you on track.

Take breaks. This seems like a given, but sometimes when you’re working from home, you fall off of the schedule of breaks you so ardently stick to at the office. Try taking your lunch away from your workspace, preferably outside somewhere. The more you can mimic your schedule at work, including taking regular breaks, the more productive and happier you’ll be!