Teen Takes Aunt To Father/Daughter Dance

Sydney Lawrence of Crosby, Texas has some pretty awesome female role models in her life. However, her father isn’t in the picture, so when her high school’s father-daughter dance came up, Sydney knew exactly who she wanted to take: her Aunt Kristen! Sydney says of the unorthodox situation, “I never really knew my father, he never had a part in my life, and my mother is like my best friend. [She] and my aunt solely raised me. And I think having two women who love you insanely is better than having a father.”


Aunt Kristen jumped at the chance to show her niece just how right she was. She had to miss the practice round of the dance because she works as a police officer and couldn’t get out of a shift, but Sydney videotaped the moves and the pair practiced on the day. In Aunt Kristen’s words, “[we] crushed it!”


Her aunt even dressed the part and showed up in a fake mustache for the occasion, prompting equal parts laughter and “awws” from the crowd and from the world in general! Sydney posted photos of her and Kristen online with the caption, “when u don’t have a dad for the dad/daughter dance so ur aunt wears a fake mustache and dances w u anyways.”

Could this get any cuter?! So many people on Twitter reacted to Sydney’s post, with comments and retweets like, “aunt of the year”, “I’d probably cry if I was there to see this”, and “what a sweet gesture.” We think this kind of aunt-niece relationship is just wonderful to see! Here are some other reactions to this adorable post!