Good News For The Environment

For the past few years, the study of climate science has been a bleak affair. It seems like we constantly get bad news from scientists, mostly about how if the global temperature rises more than 2 degrees Celsius, the Earth will be in a mostly irreversible spiral and the worst climate change effects could start happening.

However, recently we got some relatively good news, which is a success in and of itself. Nature Geoscience conducted a study that found that the models the IPCC were using may have overestimated just how much the Earth has already warmed. This doesn’t change any of the possible effects of global warming, but it does suggest that we may have more time to halt our emissions than we previously thought.

Some are skeptical about these new numbers, however, and say they were gathered in a time period with unseasonably cooler weather, which they attribute to a trend and not an indication of the planet’s overall temperature. And scientists still insist that even if these new numbers indicate the truth and we do have a bit more time than previously thought, the rate of temperature rising is still too rapid for us to feel comfortable. The human race needs to make drastic and dramatic changes in switching to clean energy, and scientists are still unsure that we’ll make it. Still, we’ll take uncertainty over absolute doom any day.