Bangin’ Shoes Your Grandma Wore

We don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with these “100 Years Of Fashion” videos. Seeing how fashion has progressed in just a few quick decades is fun and awe-inspiring!

The latest fashion video is on our favorite accessory, shoes! Though high heels have been around for centuries, they were mostly functional – Persian horsemen used to wear them to be able to mount their horses more easily. However, in the past century, heels have evolved from something practical to anything but. From the oddly pointy, almost flat shoes of the 1910s, to the first time slingbacks make an appearance in the 1950s, to the neon 1970’s colorsand tights, this video is a very cool look at how footwear has changed in the past 100 years.

Our favorites include the black and gold heels in the 1930s. They remind us of the likes of Ginger Rogers shimmying her heart out on a brightly lit stage. How about those heels in the 1960s that you can swap out the pins on, making sure that no matter what dress you’re wearing, your shoes always match? What a fun idea!

The people at Mode were able to find all these great shoes by scouring through thrift stores for actual, vintage examples, and we’re super impressed that they were able to get such good specimens. We think we have to step up our thrift store game!