Comedian Wears Wedding Dress On First Date

Source: Laura Bubble

Picking the right outfit for a first date is super challenging. Girls have to decide what they want the outfit to say: do we want to seem sweet, sexy, sophisticated, or a combination of all three? We put in a ton of effort to look like we took no effort at all, and just rolled out of bed with gorgeous loose curls and perfectly even skin tones!

Well British blogger and comedian Laura Bubble is having none of it. She released a video chronicling her first date escapades, for which she wore a wedding dress. Seriously. No agonizing over details, just throw on your favorite white gown, grab a bouquet and stroll out to meet a complete stranger you’ve been chatting with online. What could go wrong?

Source: Laura Bubble

Well, it turns out, a lot could go wrong. Laura got responses like, “I’m… not doing that,” to “Did Dave put you up to this?” to no responses at all. One guy just took a look at her from a distance and turned right around and walked away.

However, many were game for a laugh, which says something positive about online dating we think! Though they were hesitant and nervous at her appearance, most tried to chat with Laura normally, although they did seem to keep their distance!

Turns out the whole prank video was to raise money for the campaign Stand Up to Cancer, for which she admirably raised plenty of moolah. However, Laura did get some legitimate dates out of the whole process; one guy even took her to the movies after he found out about the prank, wedding dress and all!