App That Does Your Math Homework For You

Congratulations to Gen Z-ers: you’re one step closer to rule by robot overlords. Okay, okay, that might be a bit of hyperbole, but it’s less than you think. That’s because of the app called PhotoMath, in which you can take a picture of your math homework and have the app solve the problem for you!

None of that pesky learning for me, thanks! My smart phone can solve that problem just fine! It even shows the work it did, which as we all remember is the very worst part about math homework. Now, students with loose interpretations of the word “cheating” can copy whatever the app spits out onto their homework sheets!

PhotoMath has been around for a couple of years, but the most recent update has made it really a concern for teachers everywhere: it now reads handwriting. This means that even if a teacher creates her own problems instead of getting them from a textbook, students can still use the app to solve the problem for them.

We’re sure the makers of the app are touting it as a valuable tutoring tool, allowing young people to learn from their phones by following along with the steps, but is that really something we would have done as teenagers ourselves? Probably not.

However, Gen Z, take note – even if you use this app to ace all of your homework assignments, it won’t help you on tests in class, so you better learn how to do those complicated problems on paper as well as in your phone.

Because the second we forget how to solve problems ourselves and rely on AI and machines to take care of everything for us, the robots have already won.

If that happens, the beginning of Wall-E is the best case scenario! And that, folks, is the best argument we’ve heard for doing your own math homework and showing your work!