New Mexico’s “Bottemless Lakes” Debunked

Did you know that New Mexico has several bottomless lakes? Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the lakes in question are pretty deep, anywhere from 17-90 feet deep in fact. When the lakes were first found in the then “wild west”, the cowboys that found them tried to measure the depth of the lakes with rope, but they had no luck. Overtime, people found that the strung lake currents would suck objects (and people in some cases) up, never to be seen again. As a result, the term “Bottomless Lake” was used by locals to define the nine likes with this characteristic.

Fast forward to today and we now no two things, the lakes aren’t actually bottomless, and the lakes aren’t actually lakes either. They are actually sinkholes, and aside from one of them (Lake Lea), the other eight aren’t safe to swim in. Lake Lea is one of the deepest lakes of the nine at 90 feet, so it’s perfect for diving and casual swimming. It also has under water springs and lots of rare aquatic wildlife.

If you’re ever in New Mexico, feel free to pay all nine lakes a visit. You can only swim in Lake Lea, but you can still see the other lakes, or hike on trails on Lake Lea beach. From Mid May through labor day, you can even camp onsite.