Never Buy These Things Used

We love a good bargain, especially when it means taking an item that someone doesn’t want anymore and making it ours. However, there’s a limit to what a good washing can do, and sometimes it’s best to buy your own than to recycle someone else’s trash.

For instance, car seats are expensive, and we totally get why you’d want to save some dough on one. However, the technology is always improving, and it is hard to justify getting something less safe for your child just because it’s cheaper. Plus, who knows what sticky gross things the last kid left in all those crevices! Similarly, we recommend only buying a used mattress if you have to. And if you do, make sure you get a mattress cover that seals everything from the previous occupant in.

Makeup is another product that should only be one-user (and that includes your good friends). You have your own unique blend of oils and bacteria, and you don’t want cross contamination from anyone else. And while getting shoes that are already broken in sounds like it could be a good idea, the problem is that they’re broken in to someone else’s food shape and weight distribution. Wearing them long term can cause foot and back pain.

Finally, you should think twice before buying used cookware. Nonstick pans with scratches in them can cause further material to chip off into your foods, and of course that material is a carcinogen. So skip the bargain skillets and buy yourself a brand new one!