Tips For Dealing With Stress

When things get busy, it’s pretty easy to become stressed and overwhelmed. Oftentimes, having the presence of mind to cope in the midst of stress can be difficult. With that being said, you shouldn’t wait till your next panic attack or mental breakdown to implement strategies for dealing with stress. Here are a couple of things to remove next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.

No situation is permanent

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose sight of all perspective. Most stressful situations won’t last forever, or even a significant amount of time. Sure they occupy all of your time and efforts for a little while, but a few months or even days later a stressful moment can turn into a faint memory.

Say no more often

Many stress inducing situations are caused by saying yes more often then you should. It could be your boss asking if you can work an extra shift or too, or a family friend who wants you to come over for lunch. All of these are little commitments that don’t seem to consequential at the moment. But a few isolated commitments here and there can leave you with little to no time to yourself before you know it. Don’t over schedule yourself.

Keep things simple

Don’t overdo things. Look at the task at hand, and try to go about it as simply as possible. Often times, you can achieve an exceptional result by simply taking a minute to look for the simplest way to solve a problem. Try not to overthink things either. It’s great to approach stressful situations with a plan, but overthinking things can prevent you from dealing with a stressful situation all together.

Don’t procrastinate

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, do your best to address whatever is overwhelming you. Once you’ve addressed it, an overwhelming situation becomes part of the past, and you can move forward without having to worry anymore.