Chrome Extensions To Blow Your Mind

Customizing your Google Chrome browser is one of the joys of using it over Firefox or Safari. And while each person is preferential to their own hacks, we thought we’d suggest some you may not have heard of. Each of these can change the way you use the internet, sometimes in a subtle but vital way.

For example, we love the plug-in Honey. It automatically searches for coupons and codes whenever you’re shopping for something, and gives you the option of applying them before you spend. It will also track prices on Amazon and tell you if they’ve changed recently. And as an added bonus, you can earn gift cards just by using it to buy things!

If you absolutely hate pop-ups, there are a number of extensions you can get to block them. We like Adblock Plus, which also removes banner ads, and lets you customize a list of sites you don’t want it to block! Chrome remote desktop is also a game-changer. It functions like TeamViewer in that it lets you share your screen when you’re not physically present, but unlike TeamViewer, it doesn’t have a limit to how much you can use it.

Chrome to Mobile is another app that is crazy useful when it comes to work. It allows you to replicate your web browser on your phone, taking your work with you when you leave the office, if you need to. It even works offline! Finally, Google Mail Checker is brilliant. It simply adds a tiny mail icon to the top of your browser that lets you know when you have new and unchecked mail. It’s just like your phone app, a quick visual marker to notice if you have mail!