Gym Faux Pas To Avoid

We go to the gym for ourselves, for the betterment of our bodies and our minds, and usually it’s a very introverted activity. So we often forget that we share the gym with other people, including instructors, who care how we behave and cringe when we do certain things. There are unwritten rules of the gym, and we were surprised at how many of them we’ve broken!

For example, if you’re taking a class and you’re injured, you should always tell the instructor before the class. It’ll stop them from interrupting the class to ask what’s up, and it’ll save you some embarrassment too. You should also make a concerted effort to stay focused and work hard. If you put out an air of not caring, it definitely will affect the people around you. But if you work crazy hard, people will be impressed and inspired.

Also, use a spotter when you lift. You make other people anxious when you don’t, and you can always ask a staff member if you’re solo. Similarly, for heaven’s sake, don’t just drop heavy weights on the ground. It makes everyone jump and can also strain your muscles.

Finally, don’t use the gym to socialize, and we also mean your phone. Put it away, don’t ever take photos, and don’t chat on the gym floor. Also, try not to stand around before a class starts; you can always be warming up and stretching so you get the best out of your workout. And, finally, don’t bow out early – always do the full amount of reps and stay for the stretch. The hardest reps are the ones that count, and the stretch makes sure you stay limber and functioning for the rest of the day.