Is A Robot Taking Your Job?

The world is getting more and more automated, and that means that a lot of jobs are in danger of being replaced by robots. It can be hard to know if your job is in danger, however, because in our worried imaginations, we assume robots can do everything, right? Maybe one day in the distant future, but for now, only people with the following jobs should be worried.

Drivers, for example, have long seen the writing on the wall. Even if you’re just an Uber driver on the weekends, you know that self-driving cars is going to mean the end of your industry. Why would people call a taxi and get into a car with a stranger when they can call a self-driving Lyft and arrive at their destination without worrying about the driver?

Cashiers should also be worried. Again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, because stores have had self-checkout for a long time. However, these jobs are going to continue to disappear as more and more stores rely on technology to make the checkout and manual processes of running a retail store smoother. Similarly, fast food employees should also be concerned about their job security.

People who have a lot more job security are those in a position that requires a human touch. Doctors and nurses are safe for now, as well as cosmetologists, social workers, and anyone in a creative field like writing or music. A general rule to follow, however, is the more degrees your job requires, the safer you probably are. Isn’t that always the way?