California May Ban Gas Car Sales

California is world renowned for it’s progressive climate policies, but Governor Jerry Brown isn’t satisfied to rest on his laurels. The four term Governor (by law, this current term is his last) wants to ban gasoline powered cars in the near future, a statement of intent that has been popular with climate-conscious nations recently.

China recently vowed to phase out the sale of gas cars by the year 2040, and they’re only following in the footsteps of India, France, Britain, and Norway, among others. And, because the United States under the leadership of climate-change-denier President Donald Trump does not look likely to make such a commitment nationwide any time soon, Brown feels that California should lead the way.

Mary Nichols, chair of the California Resources Board, has been party to Brown’s wish, though there isn’t any formal legislation to back it up – yet. “I’ve gotten messages from the governor asking, ‘Why haven’t we done something already? [Governor Brown] has certainly indicated an interest in why China can do this and not California.”

Californians buy an estimated two million gasoline powered cars per year, roughly 20% of national automobile sales. If Californians suddenly insisted those cars were powered by alternative energy, it would be a huge boost towards getting the rest of the country on board with making the switch as well. Brown is said to be considering implementing the ban as early as 2030.