Why Wireless Headphone Buds Don’t Suck

A lot of people have resisted the switch to wireless headphones because they remember how finicky and easy-to-lose the old bluetooth models were, not to mention how dorky some people looked while using them. However, the world has changed and we need to accept it: wireless headphones are here to stay, and the technology is actually quite amazing.

For one, the buds are designed to actually stay in your ears, even when you’re exercising. As anyone who’s ever gone for a jog with corded headphones knows, there is nothing more frustrating than getting tangled up in cords while you’re doing cardio. That’s not a problem with cordless headphones, and you can get them in sweat and water resistant varieties, so they’re perfect for the gym.

You can also get souped up varieties like PowerBeats with passive noise cancellation and crazy amazing HD sound, so you’ll feel like you have full Beats on without all the bulk. However, with all of these new improvements, most of these buds cost a pretty penny. Sometimes, rarely, you can get them on a crazy discount, around black Friday or as a promotion, but usually they’ll run you around $200 for a pair.