Influencer Marketing Shakes It Up

The marketing industry has been experiencing a revolution of sorts in the past few years, and, in a way, it’s been democratizing the process. That’s because with the rise of the internet and the ability of individuals to limit the amount to which they experience ads (think pop-up blockers and the like), marketing companies have had to really search for new ways to connect with potential consumers.

Enter bloggers, social media mavens, and private internet aficionados. People care less what celebrities and models are selling them, but if their favorite social media influencer is promoting a product, they’re more likely to perceive that ad as genuine and authentic. In this way, common people of the internet have become the new face of modern marketing.

This is good news for the savvy marketer, because it means they have to spend less money to have the same impact (after all, a blogger isn’t going to charge what Kim Kardashian would to make the same promotion on Twitter). However, it does mean that those marketers have to be smarter about how they spend their money, seeking out the influencers that have the right followers for their product. Kardashians reach a whole swath of people, but ordinary influencers have a niche.

In the end, marketing hasn’t changed so much after all: it’s still all about knowing who you’re trying to reach, and doing it in an organic way so they feel like you’re doing them a service. It’s a tough nut to crack in today’s techy times, but it’s a relief to know the basics will always stay the same.